Maschine Expansion Solar Breeze v1.0.0 Torrent Mac

By | July 25, 2017

Maschine Expansions Torrent Mac Crack Free Download. SOLAR BREEZE is the first MASCHINE Expansion dedicated to the vibrant indie electronica scene. Kits loaded with guitar licks and chords, and sampled electric bass provide the melodic foundation. Exclusive MASSIVE and MONARK presets deliver deep basses, glistening leads and pads, and sound effects – all over an earthy, organic pulse from fresh presets for the MASCHINE Drum Synths. Open your music to new vistas – welcome to SOLAR BREEZE.

Maschine Expansions Torrent Mac Crack Free Download

SOLAR BREEZE features an extensive set of multi-sampled guitars, basses, and drums for the sound and feel of a full band. Extensive use of MASCHINE’s effects adds the instantly-recognizable atmosphere of indie electronica. A huge selection of rhythmic loops load pre-sliced to MASCHINE’s pads for fast beat variation. And layered, distorted synths, processed pads, and guitar-like leads and basslines round out the sound.

Tune into the sound of SOLAR BREEZE with this exclusive Spotify playlist curated by The Acid. The band consists of Californian producer Steve Nalepa, British DJ and producer Adam Freeland, and Australian-born, LA-based artist RY X.