Pixel Film Studios FCPX Plugin Bundle Torrent Mac

By | July 27, 2017

Pixel Film Studios FCPX Plugin Bundle Torrent Mac Crack Free Download. This is a new re-upload now with the file PIXEL FILM STUDIOS – PROTEASER v10 corrected. Pixel Film Studios – Effects for FPCX.

PROBLEND – Multiple Exposure Effects for FCPX
Users now have the ability to create a multiple exposure all with in FCPX. Users have full customization over levels, softness, erosion, hue, saturation, contrast, luminance, colorization, threshold, and much more with a click of a mouse. With over 50 presets the possibilities are truly endless.

PRODUB VOLUME 2 – Professional Fractal Effects for Pixel Film Studios FCPX Plugin Bundle Torrent Mac
With this collection of 50 shatter fractals and particle effects, you can create endless psychedelic and trippy looks in your next music or dance video in Pixel Film Studios FCPX Plugin Bundle Torrent Mac.

Pixel Film Studios FCPX Plugin Bundle Torrent Mac Crack Free Download

PROGLASS – Professional Glass Effects for FCPX
Add glass shapes or text to your scene. Then, move the glass panels around the screen to see your media and text bend and refract as the light passes through it. Wow your customers or friends with these moving panels of glass as it interacts with your media.

PROPALETTE – Professional Color Selection Effects in FCPX
Gives users control over secluding a particular color and making adjustments with in their scene with over 70 presets all with in Final Cut Pro X. Users have the ability to alter the color’s softness, color matte levels, color levels, hue, black and white levels, black and white gradient colorization and more all with a click of a mouse.

PROPANIC – Professional Anxiety Effects for FCPX
Users have the power to shake things up with a click of a mouse, or simple add a fun and stylized effect to their media. User have total control over seven different randomization generators, twist, depth, shake, blur, waviness, prism, horizontal & vertical rotation, horizontal & vertical position, and more all with in FCPX.

PROPEN – Professional Pen Tool in FCPX
The user can now draw around their subject matter and then zoom in it if they so desire. Users can blur out the background or magnification, change the color and blend mode of their background or magnification, and more. You are given over 80 individually design presets that can be easy manipulated.

PROSHUTTER – Speed Tools for FCPX
Users can now adjust shutter speed and more all with a click of a mouse. Users can choose from an arrangement of capture modes, such as, light trails, motion blur, echo, light echo, and light motion blur. Users have total control over delay, decay, luma rolloff, light sensitivity, trail duration, blur strength, duration, and more all with in FCPX.

PROSTORTION – Professional Distortion Effects for FCPX
Users can add numerous distortion effects to photos, titles, or videos, and customize each effect easily, and within seconds! From liquifying your footage, to refracting your footage and overlaying emitter effects.

PROTRAILS VOLUME 2 – Professional Particle Trail Effects for FCPX
Users now have the ability to add particle trails on top of their footage. Users can add smoke, magic, pixie dust, and more. With over 70 presets.

PROVEGA VOLUME 2 – Lens Flares in FCPX
Create realistic, epic anamorphic lens flares in FCPX. News lens flare shapes and presets. Pixel Film Studios – Text Effects for FCPX

PRODROP – Professional Text Backdrops for FCPX
Compliment your title with these different backgrounds. Simply select your backdrop, manage the color values and animation speeds, type in your title, and move your text around to get the angle you want.

PRO3RD VOL. 2 – Professional Lower 3RD Titles for FCPX
Includes 30 epic and metallic designs and 90 presets. Effortlessly create the perfect lower third every time with PRO3RD Volume 2.

PROGRAPH – Professional Presentation Elements for FCPX
You don’t have to be a statistician to use PROGRAPH in FCPX. With over 50 different graphs, charts and modules to choose from in FCPX, you can present your facts and arguments in visually fascinating ways that won’t put your viewers to sleep.